Verb Checker

Why You Need a Verb Checker

How much do you remember about verbs? Grammar rules state that every sentence must have a verb and that a verb is a word that expresses an action, occurrence, or mode of being. There are three factors that every verb possesses:

  1. Tense: Tense indicates when the action that a verb expresses takes place. The three simple tenses are past, present, and future
  2. Aspect: The verbal aspect tells whether the action the verb describes occurs in a single block of time, continuously, or if it is repetitive. Verbal aspect will be simple, progressive, perfect, or perfect progressive.
  3. Mood: The verb mood tells whether the verb is stating a fact, a hypothetical situation, making a request or giving a command. In English grammar verbs have three main moods which are indicative, subjunctive and imperative.

verb checkerThese three factors are something many people give little thought to and often result in verbs being used incorrectly. Verb tenses especially, are something that many people have trouble with. Another area where errors are made is when dealing with irregular verbs. You have to check verbs individually to determine whether or not they are irregular and for information on how to deal with them. Further confusion can arise when you add linking verbs, transitive verbs and intransitive verbs into the mix. There is much more to verbs than most people realize and using a verb checker to determine if you have used them correctly makes sense.

Why the Proper Use of Verbs Is Important

verbs grammarUsing verbs correctly is important if you want to communicate effectively. There is a tendency to associate rules of grammar like those regarding verbs only with academic writing but the fact is that good grammar is just as important in other areas. The following are just a few of the reasons for ensuring you follow the correct rules of grammar for verbs or any other part of language:

  • check verbsYou use of grammar affects the way people perceive you. Like it or not, people will judge you based on how you use grammar. Grammatical errors will lead them to believe you are uneducated.
  • check verbsProper/improper use of grammar can affect your career. Good grammar is important to good communication, and communication is a valued skill in the workplace, especially for those hoping to move into leadership positions.
  • check verbsYour use of grammar can have a bearing on your credibility. A report or article with many grammatical errors will cast some doubt on whether or not you know what you are writing about, even if you are an expert in the field

These are just a few of the many reasons having good grammar skills is important

Use Our Free Verb Checker to Eliminate Grammatical Errors

english grammar verbsThere are not many people who are familiar with the many rules that govern the use of the English language and even experienced writers make grammar mistakes from time to time. Use the free verb checker on our site to make sure your papers and documents are free of errors. Our checker not only examines verb use. It checks:

  • punctuation checker Grammar: Checks hundreds of grammar points including verb tense
  • punctuation checker Punctuation: Scans for proper use of commas, colons, semicolons and other punctuation marks
  • punctuation checker Spelling: Find spelling mistakes as well as words that are spelled correctly but used in the wrong context.
  • punctuation checker Plagiarism: Ensure papers don’t contain any inadvertent plagiarism that could cause problems

Using our free verb checker helps eliminate mistakes and improves your grammar and writing skills!