Verb Grammar Rules: Your Complete Handbook

Verb grammar rules are important and thus you need to make sure your brain contains all of them. Here we’ve collected all the needed guidelines to check verb forms for correct usage. To find out more, see the following grammar rules that you can make use of the next time you need to construct sentences and paragraphs and check 8 cases to fix your text if you happen to try verb used without object and other sentence constructions.

verb grammar rules

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Verb Grammar Rules

  1. Main verbs: It is also known as lexical verb and it refers to essential verb in sentence showing action of subject. It can stand-alone or it helped other verbs.
  2. Helping verbs: This is also known as auxiliary verbs that go along with main verb. It does not show action of subject, but show only tense of the verb.
  3. Active verbs: It is being used in writing active voice.
  4. Passive verbs: Passive verbs are being used in passive voice.
  5. Simple present tense: It is the one that being use when action is happening as of the moment. It is use by adding -es or s at the end of the word.
  6. Simple past tense: It refers to things that already happened. For instance, dad cooked supper.
  7. Regular verbs: Changed to simple past by adding –ed at the end of root form. If the verb ends with e, then you just add –d.
  8. Irregular verbs: It does not follow a pattern when change to simple past tense. You need to check the dictionary if you are not sure of what the word is. For instance, see to saw, go to went and build to built.
  9. Simple future tense: It is use when something will start and will end later.
  10. Present perfect tense: Used when the action began in past, but it is still important. It is created by using present tense of have plus the past participle.
  11. Past perfect tense: It is used in showing that the first action in sentence finishes before the second action begins.

There you have the verb grammar rules you need to write grammatically correct papers. Check your grammar with us and don’t worry about your paper quality today!