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Why Might You Need to Use a Verb Tense Checker Online?

When you’re assigned a paper to write during your progression through academic schooling, a high importance is placed on ensuring that it is free from grammar verbs errors and the content makes perfect sense. In other words, that it is grammatically correct as well. This doesn’t just stop when you leave school or finish your degree in higher education if anything; it is even more important out there in the real world that your writing is perfect. Even with a comprehensive education behind them, many people still have trouble getting to grips with their grammar, verbs placement and pro-nouns etc. but using a verb tense checker online can help to eliminate these problem areas. Let you create a resume or professional letter that is perfect in every way.

Nothing brings this realization home quicker than having to apply for your first job. By sending off a resume and cover letter that has not followed grammar’s correct usage, you will soon find out that employers will see this as a sign of weakness and reject your application. Similarly, sending a company E-mail to secure a business contract will be seen as unprofessional and most likely be ignored as a consequence. Without a verb tense grammar checker to help you, especially if not one of your strengths when writing, you will find that perhaps you should have paid more attention to your teachers.

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Ways in Which You Can Carry out a Verb Usage Check

There may be times when it just isn’t possible to get to a computer/laptop to check on things like auxiliary verbs when drafting a message or E-mail on a mobile device. While using our best online grammar checker would be the easiest solution and save you a lot of time, there are other alternatives for those who spend their life on the go. There are many additional resources for studying grammar aimed at the more mobile person with support for many devices. These include but are not limited to such operating systems as IOS™ (Apple) Windows™ mobile and Android™ in the form of downloadable apps which include features such as a grammar checker for sentence and exercises to help:

  1. Grammaropolis;
  2. Grammar Police;
  3. English Grammar Book;
  4. Grammar Girl App;
  5. English Grammar in Use Tests;
  6. Grammar Express;
  7. Practice English Grammar;
  8. Grammar Phone;
  9. Oxford Grammar and Punctuation;
  10. Grammar Up.
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Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Verb and Grammar Skills

Whether you are still in full-time education or have started your professional career, you’re never too late in learning essential skills. Having a deeper understanding of the rules surrounding the appropriate tense of the verb you choose and their placement in each sentence will stand you in good stead. This will then give a level of professionalism in your writing throughout both your academic and professional careers that will only develop to a greater level as you progress. The following steps will show you ways in which your writing can be improved:

1.Only use strong and specific verbs that don’t just describe the action, but shows how the action occurs

2.Choose specific language that is targeted to the audience. Most academic papers are tapered towards either the instructor or peers that will judge the content. This is also true on a professional level, only use wording that a colleague or client will be able to understand

3.Change generic wording with a more specific one. By replacing pronouns such as they, them, she, he, it and using their names instead, it helps the audience to conjure up an image as well as help produce a more stimulating paper.

4.Stick to using a parallel or consistent structure and avoid combining different forms of verbs within the same sentence. If using the ‘ed’ form of a verb in a sentence, use it for all of them

5.Eliminate unnecessary words by rearranging your writing you help your audience understand it better. Find stronger verbs that make each sentence far more straightforward and easier to digest

Alyson Gines of The Writing Center at Michigan State University says:

“Using proper grammar doesn’t necessarily mean you’re crafting flourishing sentences of “erstwhile’s,” “thou’s,” and “fortnight’s.” In fact, using it correctly doesn’t even guarantee that it’s a good sentence. What actually makes writing interesting and enjoyable to read is largely based on the content. Grammar, then, is the vehicle that helps you deliver those important words to your audience. Think of it like this: grammar is not a set of strict rules looking for every opportunity to trip you up between subject-verb agreements, or using the proper tense. Instead, it is a set of tools that helps you get your message to the audience. For example, if you have an idea for a fantastic play or a witty short story, grammar isn’t your enemy here. It’s the resource you use that helps you to translate what you see in your mind to words on paper in a way that allows other people to understand that you’ve envisioned.”

Why Using Our Verb Tense Checker Online Is the Smart Choice

One of the biggest problem areas when using verb in a sentence is choosing which to use and making sure it has been set in the correct timeframe or tense as it is known. Past, present and future tenses are often easily mixed together without even realizing it has been done which leads to a certain amount of confusion when read. This then detracts the reader from the main story in trying to put it right in their heads or cause them to give up on it completely. With an appropriate verb tense checker such as our online tool, however, this needn’t be a problem for you ever again. Simplicity itself to use, our verb checker online can quickly scan through your essay and will highlight any problem areas it finds. It will then offer suitable alternatives for you to use from its extensive database that will strengthen the quality of your work and leave you with far greater vocabulary skills.

For a verb tense checker online that delivers a fast and reliable solution to any errors it finds, contact our professionals and enjoy the perfect quality of your work!